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Back in the days you was able to find a roof top terrace on some of the Malaga buildings. It was a way to enjoy the views of the Malaga city, mostly a picturesque place to be, but nothing like the new rooftops being opened to the public now a days.

It all started with the hotel AC Palacio offering a rooftop with pool and amazing views over the historic Malaga city center, the port and of course the great Malaga Cathedral. As situated on a hotel roof it where mostly tourists visiting this spot. For the local Malaguenos it was a bit too snobbish to visit.

However today when we count already 8 rooftop terraces in the Malaga city center this is a bit different. Having eight locations offering their rooftop services to the people a variety of settings have arisen.

The most famous and also one of the first is the AC Palacio hotel rooftop in Malaga. It has a pool, a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Some night live music is played by a band or a DJ. The setting is beautiful, with colored lights and a lit up pool create a nice ambiance, the back ground music and the views do the rest. The rooftop of the AC Palacio is open during day and the night.

Just across the road from the AC Palacio you will find the rooftop terrace on the Hotel Molina Lario. The eight floor of this lovely hotel offers a very nice rooftop. You are able to reserve a corner of the terrace (as its layered on different heights) to enjoy a private party with your friends. It has a posh atmosphere, but prices are reasonable. Music plays from the speakers, an ideal place to enjoy the start of an evening night out.

The Oasis Lounge on top of the Oasis Hostel in Malaga is a affordable and cosy terrace close by the Thyssen museum. The hostel has been popular for some time now due to its European vibe, affordable prizes and cozy atmosphere. The terrace is set up by open place and enjoys a trendy decor.

On the famous Malaga center shopping street, you can find the Larios Room Mate, Terraza del hotel Larios Room Mate. It has a nice view over the smaller street of Malaga. For the ambiance a live DJ plays some nice tunes to entertain the crowd.

Just out of the historic center Hotel Salles offers a Malaga rooftop terrace that is very popular for the younger ones due to its indie music playing from the speakers. Its actually the most visited day time rooftop terrace in Malaga. It offers a swimming pool to its clients to cool down from the sun soaked terrace.

One of the city’s latest additions to the rooftop Walhalla is the Alcazaba Premium hostel (Batik) is the one of the most exotic. Situated above the Roman theatre and Alcazaba, this space to a hostel and restaurant Batik. It enjoys in and outdoor spaces that each contribute to a different spectacular view.

The little, cozy and a bit unknown rooftop terrace of the Taurino Museo makes the perfect location for a bit of relaxation out of the hustle and buzzle of Malaga city center. Mostly visited by locals this terrace stays open until 5am. Its not has modern and fancy as the others, but therefor attracts a different clientele.

The rooftop terrace of Chinitas hostel enjoys fantastic views over the La Manquita cathedral. It offers a full program of entertainment to its clients. Not a place to be missed.

We can imagine that the above information regarding these amazing Malaga rooftop terraces make you want to visit one or two of them. Below you will find the links to the terraces.

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