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When going to a place other than the place you live at for long or short term it is always good to know about health care facilities.

Whether young or old getting to know the health care facilities prior to arrival could take some of the stress away when needing to make use of these kind of services.

On the Costa del Sol you will find several public and private hospitals and numerous pharmacy’s all over the place.

It is always to good to check prior to vacating or moving abroad what your health insurance cover. You don’t want to come back home and face unexpected charges.

The health care system in Spain is progressive. Compared to other European countries the waiting times are limited and medicines in general are much more affordable.

Doctors are thorough, nurses are patient, not dismissive and hurried.

Many doctors and nurses in Costa del Sol hospitals will speak English, but be ware not all of the doctors and nurses do so. Always handy to bring some one with you to the hospital who can take care of translations. Just to be sure…

When staying longer than a holiday it is wise to make use of the European health care alliance. Depending on the country you are from against a fixed fee per month you can make use of all Public health care services Spaniards get.

If you like to make use of the private health care system you can apply for an additional health care insurance.